About Trigredge

The nest from which our team works is situated at New Delhi. We have designed our office with great care keeping in mind that a perfect workplace enables all the ones who work there to fully concentrate. At our office we conduct discussions, give each other actionable feedback but also celebrate our success.
Who we Are?
TrigrEdge is a leading globally accepted technology company that offers splendid support in assessment and testing industry as well as online teaching industry. Our ideology is to develop unique as well as futuristic applications that feature simple functionality. For this we have developed a systematic channel in order to support volume of assessments as well as classes online with ease. .
What we do?
TrigrEdge consists of a team of professionals who create softwares so that teachers can teach as well as train online. We deliver cloud based learning softwares that has a suite of integrated features. With our products, our users consisting of instructors, education service providers as well as corporates can easily deliver as well as manage live and self paced learning that comprises easy to use, scalable as well as cost effective technology.